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Frequently asked questions

What is a sanctions list anyway?

Sanctions lists are published by national governments and multilateral organisations like the UN and EU.

They typically define a set of entities and individuals who are subject to legally binding restrictions. Often this means that individuals and companies have their assets frozen in a certain jurisdiction, aren’t allowed to enter them - but also that businesses under the jurisdiction of the sanctioning authority are prohibited from doing business with the designated entities. Third parties can be fined or subjected to other criminal penalties if they fail to comply with the sanctions provisions.

Working out whether a particular individual or entity that you do business with is actually on one of these lists is both time-consuming and fraught with complexity. More importantly though, in an increasing number of industries, it is a legal requirement.

The Arachnys Sanctions Tool is designed to give all businesses access to an enterprise-grade sanctions search tool, free of charge.

Where does your data come from?

We pull our data directly from the official sources. Data is ingested automatically from sanctioning bodies and updated twice daily to give you the most up-to-date information for your search.

If your search gives a hit, we link the underlying data entry in the sanctions list - unlike many other tools, which only provide you the list name and no way of evidencing your match.

Are these lists comprehensive?

Theoretically, every jurisdiction in the world can publish independent sanctions and designate individuals or entities Some, like Russia, publish lists that are observed only within the countries in question and are closer to political stunts than an objective blacklist. Some countries also don’t even make their sanctions lists public (which makes them much harder to search!).

This sanctions tool covers the programmes publicly available from the world’s most important jurisdictions (see below). If you are interested in further sanctions and watchlist coverage get in touch to learn more about our products.

Why have we chosen these lists?

The sanctions lists included in this free search combine programmes from the world’s major sanctioning bodies with the lists that have a reach beyond the jurisdiction they were issued in (e.g. designations published by US Office of Foreign Asset Control). A lot of countries just follow the sanctions issued by the UN and not have further independent designations. Similarly EU member countries will often just implement EU legislation without amendment.

How often is your data updated?

We run automatic updates twice per day.

But we are much more than just sanctions lists

The Arachnys Sanctions Tool is only a fraction of what Arachnys offers. Our data library and product arsenal cover the entire spectrum of a robust due diligence process.

Here are the highlights of the data types that the Arachnys D3 and Arachnys Investigator products cover:

  • Global adverse media
  • Corporate verification and registry information
  • Ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO)
  • Worldwide litigation data and court records
  • International shipping registers and bills of lading
  • Regulatory actions and decisions
  • Further compliance-relevant data sources

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Do you include information on PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons)?

PEP information is available through our other products.

You might be interested in finding out more about PEPs and the complexities of assessing whether a person is one from our blog.

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What is my search limit?

Your search limit is the number of searches you can do in each month. If you need additional quota, you can contact us. (Make sure you have verified your account first).

When is my search limit reset?

Search limits are reset at midnight UK time each month.

What is account verification and why do I have to do it?

As part of our terms and conditions, use of Arachnys Sanctions Tool must be for compliance purposes only.

Account verification is the process we go through to ensure that users are using the tool for approved purposes.

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Can I use integrate your tool into my own customer database or CRM via an API?

Arachnys offers a simple REST API for performing very high numbers of checks and/or ongoing monitoring.

API access also includes access to additional sanctions lists (such as those published by Canada and Australia) as well as Politically Exposed Person data.

API access allows you to plug sanctions and PEP checks directly into internal tools like CRM systems with only a few lines of code.

Arachnys' Sanctions and PEPs API integrates seamlessly with Arachnys D3, allowing you to centralise your customer screening processes with enhanced due diligence (EDD) checks.

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